Psalm Singing Is Our Heritage

From the earliest days of our denomination, it was understood that a church without music wasn’t a church. The music that made a church? Psalms. Within a year of founding, this new congregation at 107 LaGrave Avenue supplied itself with a sufficient number of United Presbyterian Psalters and a small choir. A determined organist arrived in 1893 to formally establish a chancel choir, procure a small pipe organ, and develop a tradition of musical excellence which is still evident today.

Our Choirs

Each of our worship gatherings is supported and enhanced by music from our Chancel Choir, Youth Ensemble, or Junior Choir, one of our Handbell Choirs, a rehearsed ensemble, or a formally trained soloist or instrumentalist.

Chancel Organ

Our current organ holds a place of distinction. Installed in 1996, it is one of the first collaborative building projects between a pipe organ company (Austin) and an electronic organ company (Allen). It’s equipped with five manuals, an antiphonal division in the balcony, and a total of 108 ranks of pipes. We’ve been honored to share it with the community through various concerts, hymn festivals, and recitals given by accomplished artists.