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In the city,under the cross

Welcome to LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church

If you’re looking for a warm church that commits to an intensely pertinent Gospel in the Reformed tradition of the Christian faith, we invite you to worship with us.

Our 1,800 members come from across West Michigan and gather weekly in our sanctuary for relevant Biblical preaching, beautiful music, and inspiring worship. We expand our worship through intentional outreach in our community and world, attentive care for our members, and plenty of spiritual enrichment and social opportunities for everyone.


Preaching God's Word

Central to everything we do here is God’s Word.  Our preachers faithfully study the Bible during the week, and then on Sunday, they speak God’s message to us.  Likewise, our members are expected to be faithful with personal Bible study and prayer so that we can speak it and do it continually in our everyday lives.

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Living in God's Word

So, what happens in, around, and through LaGrave Avenue CRC after the preaching and the singing? Well, the worship of our Heavenly Father continues in all its many forms. It looks something like this:

One God and One Mediator

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Prophet, Priest, and King Blog

Prophet, Priest, and King…

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Taking Care of Children

Peppered throughout our congregation are people who were present at the baptisms of infants.  These people answered “I will, Go…

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