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LaGrave Has a Place for You

We focus on a living Savior who provides genuine solutions to the deep needs of a hurting world. We are committed to need-meeting ministry in His name, and we are committed to being real people who enjoy real life and who cry real tears. Because we are a fairly large and diverse group in terms of age, occupation, marital status, lifestyle, and physical ability; our members create many accessible opportunities for community service, Bible study, and small social groups.

What We Believe

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, our only infallible rule for faith and life; and we are committed to “reforming” ourselves according to its truth and authority. As a progressive church, we’re strongly committed to moving ahead with God’s mission to the world; and as a traditional church, we hold firmly to Biblical truth as summarized in the historic Reformed creeds.

What to Expect

We all come here to meet with God in His house. The architecture, the stories told in our stained glass windows, the sacred music, the liturgy—it’s all designed to focus each person’s attention heavenward. Because our God is good and generous, when we train our focus on Him, He invites us into community with each other. So please, come in, greet people around you, and then quiet your mind and heart before God and enjoy some intimacy with Him. Then, at the end of the service, receive His blessing and His invitation to enjoy and care for the people around you. You may go to the chapel for personal prayer time with another member, you may go to an adult education class (Growing U) at 10:00 a.m., or you may choose to mingle and have coffee in the Multipurpose Room—the choice is yours!

LaGrave Avenue CRC and You

This church is a collection of people just like you. Each one of us is a mixed bag of struggles and contentment, failures and victories, hurts and joys, points of pride and things we’d rather not talk about…  and through it all, the Holy Spirit is continually working to sanctify His people. Together, we have the privilege of extending grace, care, and encouragement to fellow “works in progress.” We care about the well-being and safety of those who step through our doors. You will find some of our policies concerning domestic abuse response, inclement weather, and weddings.

You May be Wondering...

  • Have Special Needs?
    It is our goal at LaGrave to accommodate and/or assist persons with disabilities to meaningfully engage in worship and church related activities. Our Sanctuary and Chapel are both equipped with T-coil loop systems for excellent sound quality. We have a variety of aids for mobility, comfort, and sight. Please contact the church office for more information or stop by the Welcome Desk in the Narthex (just outside the Sanctuary) and ask for whatever you need.
  • Is there a Children’s Message? What about a special place for little ones to worship?
    Yes and Yes! All little ones who are not in the nursery or the 2’s&3’s Room (generally 4 years old through 2nd grade) are invited forward near the beginning of the service. The preacher will have a special talk with them, and at the conclusion of this talk, they will be invited to go upstairs to their own age-appropriate worship centers.
  • Is there a Nursery?
    Certainly! As soon as you are comfortable saying goodbye to your peanut, our Infant Nursery is ready to welcome her. When your little guy gets upright and mobile, he’ll graduate to our Toddler Nursery. Believe it or not, at 2 years old, your little one is probably ready for 2’s&3’s Church Time where Bible stories, songs, crafts, and free-play center on a Scriptural theme each week. Give it a try, and enjoy the art and hugs you’ll get at pick-up time after your own worship service in the sanctuary!
  • Is there Security?
    Absolutely. We use a computerized check-in/out process for all our little worshipers, to make sure that yours are delivered and retrieved safely by you alone. And, throughout the morning, we have volunteers keeping an eye on all the doors.
  • What about Parking?
    You’ve got a few choices. There’s a large lot on LaGrave Avenue, directly across from the front door. Another lot on the West side of our building (the corner of Cherry and Sheldon) has a covered drop-off area and accessible parking for people with handicap placards. And, of course you can take advantage of any open spaces on the street.
  • What happens once I walk through the door?
    Door Greeters, Welcome Center Hosts, and Ushers are on duty to answer questions and help you navigate through your morning with us. We’re even wearing name tags to make things a little easier on you. Feel free to call someone by name and ask a question. After each service, you may choose to visit the chapel for personal prayer with a member of the congregation, you may attend an adult education hour (Growing U) at 10:00am, or you may have coffee and mingle in the Multipurpose Room—it’s up to you!

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Where We Are

107 LaGrave Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503

When We Worship

Sundays at 8:40 a.m. Sundays at 11:00 a.m. Sundays at 6:00 p.m. Summer Sundays at 10:00 a.m. Sundays at 6:00 p.m.