Building a Church Family

Between our morning worship services, our Growing U Committee brings in speakers to address a variety of topics relevant to our Christian life. This is a great opportunity for some smaller and less formal group learning and discussion with the folks who may be looking at life differently from you.

Connecting with Others

Five Bible Study & Discussion Groups are the foundation of our support and care for the women of our congregation. Mom’s Fellowship, Body & Soul Fitness Class, Painting Class, HIS Collection, and Women’s Book Club round it out this year. Additionally, three groups schedule regular adult-only social events: LaGrave Connections, Primers, and an informal gathering of Widows, Widowers & Older Singles. Each of these groups has grown up out of someone’s passion—and that’s just the way we like it. Your ideas and efforts toward new groups and ways of connecting are welcome!

Serving Our Community

In our church, women serve in all the traditional and visible places, and we are grateful! We also have women who clean out hoarder apartments, mentor (both adults and children), transport elderly folks to worship services, offer prayers with other members, act as Stephen Ministers, tutor English, and meet a whole spectrum of needs in this world. Our Church Office can help you connect in this way.