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What is a Rehal?~Jim and Kara…

April 30, 2018

A Rehal is an X-shaped foldable book rest used by Muslims to hold holy books for reading at home or in a mosque. Placing Christian books in your home on a coffee table or somewhere in plain sight is an easy and unoffensive way to share the gospel. Let me give you some examples of how this simple act has lead people to Christ. Ahmet was the 11th of 12 children in a very devout Muslim family living a very conservative Muslim town. One day, when he was about 17, he was visiting a friend after school. When his friend left the room, Ahmet picked up a booklet on the table next to him that had “caught his eye”. This booklet was a Gospel of John in Turkish called, Su, Ekmek, Yasam, (Water, Bread, and Life). Ahmet hurriedly read a few pages and then put it down when his friend came back. God used those few minutes and the power of the word of God to touch Ahmet’s heart and cause him to seek salvation. A few weeks later we had the privilege to share the gospel with Ahmet and he accepted Christ as his savior. Mary was a young American married to a Turkish Muslim. She had grown up in a religious family but had never given her heart to Christ. One day she was visiting Karan and saw a copy of the book, What is a Family? by Eidth Scheaffer on our coffee table and she picked it up. She started reading the book and liked its message. A few days later she told Karan that she was now a Christian. These are just two of many stories of ways God touched someone’s heart. We always try to have a book like What is a Family? or Biblical Sites in Turkey laying around when our Muslims friends come to visit. The titles often interest them and they want to borrow the book or ask us questions about it and this starts a conversation about the gospel. Last summer Omer saw a copy of Tim Keller’s book, Reason for God on our coffee table but he didn’t say anything. But the next day he saw someone reading the same book and he wanted to know what it was about. What books do you have you could leave laying around to share the gospel with a friend? Please pray with us that God with use all means possible to draw Muslims to Himself.