Below are our updates concerning reopening for public worship.


Starting Sunday, November 22, we will offer a 10am Livestream only service. This difficult decision was made due to the rise in Covid cases in our county, as well as the high test positivity rate. There are many tragic stories of loss and uncertainty in our own church family right now, and we want to be good neighbors.

When will we go back to in-person worship? That decision will be guided by a scenario table. From now on, rather than having to call a special meeting of council every time we want to change our level of worship openness, we will follow this scenario table. We have adopted 7 possible levels of worship openness, ranging from livestream only to fully open. Each of these seven levels is associated with pandemic metrics reported daily by the Kent county health department. Specifically, we will be guided by the seven-day average of new cases in the county, and by the seven-day average positivity rate.


Scenario Table