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Missionary Update—Giffords

February 12, 2018

The Giffords recently visited and reported on their ministry. If you’d like to follow their ministry, click this link for their ministry page or this one for their Resonate Global Mission page. Below is an update:
  • Praise the Lord with us that we arrived safely to Mexico City on January 23 in the evening after a six-day journey with a preaching stop in Houston. The trip itself went well. Muffin traveled well, and our experience at the border lasted a whopping 16 minutes, including the time it took to drive from the hotel to the border. Praise God. The funniest sign along the highway: “Bufeet” instead of “Buffet” – “Would you like a little toe jam with your toast, ma’am?”
  • Praise that our home service is over. There were great times with family, and the home and church visits went well. We saw God’s hand in protecting our son in the earthquake, in protecting me from the worst when I fell down the stairs, and in support-raising for our ministry and for the earthquake project.
  • Please pray for Blanca as she has been in bed sick with coughing and a cold pretty much since we arrived. She inherited my cold, but it was aggravated by dust in the house.
  • Pray for Alexandra, whom we left in Michigan with my parents to finish high school at Unity Christian. She has been accepted at Calvin, has a good start on scholarships and grants, and we are praying and hoping for a lot more help.
  • Pray for the various ministries we are involved in: the seminary, Jesus the Savior church, kids’ club, university ministries,, and team leading.
  • Pray that in February I can find a trusty bookkeeper and get a bank account open for the Asociación Civil. This is uncharted territory for me personally, is time-consuming, and is potentially risky, so I am not too excited about it. Please pray also for the budget process to go smoothly.