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March 12, 2018

Life In Mexico

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a month since our last newsletter.  Life has felt so busy these last few weeks.  Praise the Lord that we received our temporary one-year residency visas! We will have to go back to immigration and renew them next year, which is normal.  We are also grateful for the Lord’s provision and care while we moved several times over the course of the month. A big part of our job right now is becoming familiar with Mexico, its geography and culture, as well as getting to know our colleagues.  During our time last year, we had the opportunity to become pretty familiar with the town of Mitla, where one of our offices is located.  Over the last month, we have become more familiar with the nearby city of Oaxaca as well.  In the city of Oaxaca, there are important offices, landmarks, and stores that we need to be familiar with, and we are learning how to navigate our way around the city.  We also spent a week in Mexico City.  Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world and there is a wealth of cultural and historical information to explore there.  For a long time, our administrative staff was based in Mexico City and we got to know the staff at the office there as well as a little about the city.  We really enjoyed our brief time there although it seems that we barely scratched the surface of what we could learn. During this last month, we applied to a Spanish language school called Roca Blanca Spanish Language School.  Both of us were able to test out of Level 1! We were told we’ve got a good start on Level 2 but that we still need to take it.  This was a big encouragement to both of us.  Class starts Monday, March 5.  We plan to be at language school for three sessions and then we will return to Mitla in August.  The school is located along the coast several hours from Oaxaca and is right on the beach. We have been advised that internet and cell phone reception is quite limited at the school so we may not be able to respond to emails in a very timely fashion. We hope to send out our next updates when we are between language sessions, and we are able to travel to an area with better reception. We are excited to spend the next few months improving our Spanish so we can do our jobs better.  Please pray that our ability to communicate in Spanish would improve greatly over the next few months.  Thank you again for your continued partnership. Sincerely, Corey, Amy & Edward

People have asked us about our new mailing address.  You can send cards, letters, gifts, etc. to:

Corey & Amy Havlicek Apdo 4 70430 Mitla, Oaxaca Mexico

Please be aware that it can take a couple of months for things to get here via mail, so we would not recommend sending perishable items.