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Rev. Michael Hoogeboom

Minister of Faith Formation

(616) 454-7204

I’ve held the position of Minister of Outreach since 2003. In this role as a “missionary pastor,” I seek to make disciples who are formed into the likeness of Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father. I enjoy facilitating small groups that form disciples through word, prayer, reflection and Christian community. I work to connect people from the congregation with God’s mission in this world. I’m married to Lisa and we have three children: Sara and Joshua Rumbarger, Joshua and Melissa Hoogeboom, and Elisabeth Hoogeboom. Outside of church you will find me building or paddling canoes, running, biking, hiking, reading, camping or watching movies. In the new heavens and earth I look forward to hanging out with Barnabas.


The number of times we’ve moved.


The number of continents I’ve lived on.


The number of canoes I’ve built.