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Rev. Lee Smits

Minister of Visitation

(616) 454-7204

When scheduling a visit with someone who doesn’t know me, I’ll introduce myself as “Rev. Lee Smits,” but after that, I’m “Lee.” I’m a graduate of Calvin Theological Seminary (BD, MDiv) and I’m also a Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) with the Association of Professional Chaplains. Seeing how God is at work in people’s everyday lives and helping to meet needs that are often under the surface are the things that have kept me energized and engaged in ministry for over 40 years. When we retired to Jenison and had been a part of LaGrave for a couple of years, I was asked to assist Rev. Ruth Boven in congregational care on a part-time basis. I was delighted to accept. The best part of my work is when LaGrave members share their involvements in church, work, and community ministry. I’m also glad our congregation is close enough to Chicago that I can find fellow Cubs and even Dooley Brothers fans here.


The number of miles to my children & grandchildren in the Chicago area.


The number of ties I have received as gifts, purchased when I sold men’s clothing and have not thrown away.


The number of Parker Jotters that I own.