Elder/Deacon Nomination Form

The process of nominating elders and deacons is an important function in our church. Elders and deacons make up our church’s council, the church’s governing body. Consider whom you would like to nominate to these offices. As you nominate, remember that the council needs people with both pastoral and administrative gifts. We will elect deacons and elders in two separate groups: visiting and administrative. Please contact your nominees; let them know that you see their gifts, and encourage them to accept their nomination.

Deacons are therefore called to assess needs, promote stewardship and hospitality, collect and disburse resources for benevolence, and develop programs for assistance. They are also called to speak words of Christian encouragement. Thus in word as well as deed, they demonstrate the care of the Lord himself.

Elders are thus responsible for the spiritual well-being of God’s people. They must provide true preaching and teaching, regular celebration of the sacraments, and faithful counsel and discipline while keeping in confidence those matters entrusted to them. And they must promote fellowship and hospitality among believers, ensure good order in the church, and stimulate witness to all people.

List of ineligible members found here.

The deadline for nominations is midnight on February 5.