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Cardboard Chronicles

August 29, 2023

The Cardboard Chronicles: The Biblical Art of Rudolph Bostic exhibit is open for only two more weeks. Of the twenty-three paintings in this exhibit, four depict scenes related to Advent and Christmas. Three are located in the Parlor and one in the Lower Level hallway leading to the Fellowship Room.

In the Parlor you will find: (1) Nativity with an Angel – give special attention to its border. (2) An untitled painting with Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus with the Wise Men – notice the border (3) Flight into Egypt – notice how the artist provides a sense of movement. On the Lower Level you will find: (4) Comforting Mary – notice what the angel is doing Rudolph “Rudy” Bostic, a self-taught artist, is one of America’s most outstanding contemporary folk artists. His use of corrugated packing cardboard as his canvases along with house paint and enamel paint in vibrant, shiny colors contribute to making his work extraordinary!

Bostic’s artwork is included in museum collections, prestigious southern galleries of folk art, and in private collections. We are delighted and privileged to have this exhibition from the private collection of the Sandra Bowden family.