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At LaGrave, we value our children not because they are the future of our church, but a vital part of the church body right at the stage they are in. We celebrate our children in many ways. Starting at birth, children are recognized with a rose on the lectern, announcing to all that a new life has begun. At baptism, each family is presented a book entitled "At Your Baptism" which is useful for telling the story of salvation and the meaning of baptism at various age appropriate levels.

LaGrave has a computer check-in policy. Parents (both members and visitors) must check their children, 1st grade and younger, into and out-of-their Children's Worship centers, classrooms, or nurseries. This can be done at any computer station located by the Multi-purpose Room, by the Parlor, or by the nurseries. Volunteers are available to assist parents.

Infant Nursery
Children are welcomed into the Infant nurseries as soon as parents are comfortable leaving them. We have very capable and loving volunteer to care for children during every service. Our facilities are up to date, safe, and welcoming. Parents will find a paging system, a large infant nursery, a crib room, and a quiet room to be used to calm an upset child or feed a hungry baby. Infants through children that have begun to walk well are welcomed each Sunday!

Toddler Nursery
The toddler nursery is a large light filled room full of activities for our active toddlers. Once a child is walking well, they are invited to join the Toddler nursery until they are two years old. The Toddler nursery also has wonderful caring volunteers at each service as well as a paging system and convenient access to a small size bathroom. Children are enfolded each Sunday. A staff of On Call volunteers regularly monitors each nursery during services to ensure that the volunteer to child ratio remains safe.