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Children & Youth

Vision & Goals

VISION Led by the Holy Spirit, LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church will challenge youth to know Jesus Christ, become his disciples, and serve him daily in all aspects of life.

GOALS LaGrave church will have a vibrant relational youth ministry. A relational ministry is person centered, aimed at fostering intentional relationships of youth to mentoring adults, youth to one another, and ultimately, youth to the person of Jesus Christ.

A relational ministry begins with making non-threatening contacts with youth in or outside the church and providing engaging activities that break down barriers and build bridges between youth and their leaders. Ninety five percent(95%) of the youth in our church will be actively involved in attending church sponsored, age appropriate activities. These could include regular meetings, gym nights, camp-outs, retreats, parties, dances, hayrides, etc. Our GEMS and Scouting programs will include children from our church as well as many from our community. As relationships and friendships in these organizations grow, our youth will develop a sense of belonging when it comes to church.

Our Children’s Worship and Church School programs will provide the Biblical foundations and essential resources for our youth to grow in their knowledge, understanding and relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ. Our teens will continue this growth as they study the Reformed doctrine as contained in our creeds and confessions.

All middle school-age members of our church will be assigned prayer partners, generally older members, who will pray for and develop a casual relationship with these younger members. All high school-age members will be assigned a prayer partner/mentor, also older members, who will meet monthly with these younger members to support, encourage, and guide in their daily walks through these challenging, important years.

As our youth grow in the Lord, they will want to profess their faith through Table Fellowship and formal Profession of Faith. Eighty percent (80%) of our youth will do so before they graduate from high school.

Our youth will put their faith into action by serving their church and their world through regular participation in worship experiences, service projects, and mission outreach endeavors. They will use the gifts that God has given them and the church has nurtured in them to serve him in all aspects of life.

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