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Small Groups

The Small Group Ministry encourages personal, spiritual, and relational growth among LaGrave members.
Small groups at LaGrave come in a variety of forms. What we typically call small groups are those that:
• Meet in people’s homes—usually monthly.
• Are comprised of 6-12 people.
• Group people in similar life stages and circumstances. Often groups include both singles and those who are married. Some can be intentionally intergenerational.
• Do Bible study using a variety of methods: inductive Bible study, topical Bible studies, devotional books by Christian authors, DVD teaching series by popular Christian leaders and teachers.
The Outdoor Small Group:
• Is not limited in size
• Has a mix of all generations and family make up
• Holds a monthly activity/outing
• Holds a monthly Bible study
• Plans an annual multiple day trip/event

For More Information About Small Groups
If you would like to be a part of LaGrave's small group ministry, or have an idea for a new group, please call Deb Goris at 616-298-2471.

Three people who agree to a plan of Bible reading, prayer, mutual confession and encouragement. If you like the idea of talking to your triad on a blog, ask about a triad called “Bloggers For Christ.” 

For More Information About Triads
To join a Triad or to form your own Triad, contact Rev. Kristy Manion at