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Men's Bible Study


Men’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study 
When: Weekly on Wednesday mornings from 7:00 to 8:00, year round.
Where: At The Cherie Inn at 969 Cherry SE (just west of Diamond Ave; where Cherry splits from Lake Drive).
Format: Order breakfast, share prayer requests, open with prayer and discuss the week’s lesson. The group usually alternates between a Bible study and a book study.

Men's Wednesday Noon Bible Study 
When: Weekly on Wednesday from noon to 1 pm, September through Decem-ber and April & May.
Where: At Color House Graphics (3505 Eastern Ave SE).
Format: Study books of the Bible or related material, using a prepared study guide. Members may volunteer to take turns leading the week’s lesson.

Men’s Friday Morning Bible Study 
When: Weekly on Friday mornings from 7:00 to 8:00, September through May. Where: In LaGrave’s Church Parlor.
Format: Members choose portions of the Bible, books on religious topics, or Bible study guide books to study; and then take turns acting as the weekly facil-itator (about once every 3 months), opening with prayer and guiding the group discussion. 

For more information regarding any of the above Bible studies, please use the “Contact Us” form available on the home page.