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Creation Care

“We will seek to be faithful stewards of Creation and the resources God has provided us.”   
–Goal 2, Objective 3, LaGrave Avenue CRC Long Range Plan

Why Creation Care at LaGrave?
-Biblical Mandate: Love God (creation care)
-Biblical Mandate: Love your neighbor (everyone is our neighbor)
-Part of the LaGrave’s 2011-2015 Long Range Plan
-Lower operating and life-cycle costs, Improved health, safety, and welfare, improved productivity, attention span, and ability to learn
-To view the Creation Care Committee's Startup Presentation, click HERE.

Did you Know
-LEED stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" and is the leading-edge system for certifying the greenest performing buildings around the world.  There are four levels of LEED: certified, silver, gold, platinum.
-Grand Rapids leads the nation in the number of LEED-certified buildings per capita.
-Grand Rapids ranks fifth overall nationally in the number of LEED-rated buildings, surpassing cities like Chicago, San Francisco and New York.
-GRAM is the first LEED gold-certified art museum in the country.
-Rapid Central Station is the first LEED-certified transit facility in the country.
-Keystone Church is the first LEED-certified church in the country.
-David D. Hunting YMCA in downtown Grand Rapids is the first LEED-certified YMCA in the country.

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