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Wedding Policy

The use of LaGrave facilities for weddings is limited to members of LaGrave and children of members of LaGrave. Members and children of members are welcome to use the church facilities for weddings without rental charge. Though the church does not charge rent for the use of its facilities, persons using the facilities will be required to compensate church ministers and staff. Please contact the church office for more information.

Only current LaGrave members may reserve LaGrave’s facilities for a wedding, either for themselves or their children. Only one wedding may be scheduled per weekend (weekend is considered Friday/Saturday). No weddings will be performed in LaGrave Church on Sundays.  In consultation with staff, weddings in a particular month may be limited to two. There are times where weddings are not allowed in LaGrave’s facilities: Holy Week (Monday through Easter Sunday), SERVE week (typically at the end of June), and the month of December except for the weekend after Christmas.